We target a huge, underdeveloped and fast growing market.

We offer a holistic solution based upon a proprietary technology developed with industrial waste waters in focus.

After a technological development phase we are now ready to deliver industrial solutions to you.

Axolot Solutions is all about purifying and recycling water.


Many companies have developed ideas on how to remove impurities from water. We are not just another one in that line. Our approach is a different one. We separate contaminants from water. The water can then be recycled.


We make clean water for recirculation and reuse. And we save energy for you. This is our commitment since the company was founded in 2014.

Now and ahead

Axolot Solutions is a rapidly growing technology and service provider in the area of industrial waters. Our offerings are cost-effective – and in many cases the only available option when a contaminated water needs to be cleaned.


Our first commercial units have been delivered, and in addition a number of commercial test runs have been and are being performed. But our journey has only just begun.


Our solutions are urgently needed in the industry and we are committed to satisfying these needs. And we do that for the sake of a brighter and better future for both the industries, the environment and of course also for the success of our own company.

Our competence

We have a group of highly committed professionals in our team. Of course, our skills include water technology. However, it is our belief that a successful business case requires not only profound knowledge of your own technology, but also an in-depth understanding of the clients’ technologies and businesses. We have therefore carefully selected individuals with specific skills to our team. In addition, having as a chairman Mr Lennart Holm, with a vast experience as CEO and chairman from different companies in the pulp and paper as well as in the specialty chemicals’ sector is a great asset.


Other board members bring with them similar experiences from leading positions – and not least extensive networks of personal relations among industry leaders in many countries.

Vision and mission

With a rapid and efficient separation technology at hand, water can be separated from suspended and dissolved solids as well as emulsified and dispersed substances. In many industries dirty water flows could be treated internally and the clean water reused as fresh process water. Doing so gigantic energy savings could be unlocked. Accordingly, our mission reads “Recycling industrial waters”.

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