Our process is as simple as it is brilliant:

We use electricity to separate contaminants from water!

Axolot Solutions is all about purifying and recycling water.


On pair with factors like poverty, gender inequality and climate change, water scarcity is perhaps the least well-known of the challenges facing mankind in the decades to come. The bad news include both pollution and increeased needs for water both overall and locally. The good news is that solutions are there to purify and recirculate the waste-waters so that no or little fresh water is needed. Axolot Solutions is a provider of such technology. The electrochemical technology we work with is both versatile and efficient and you could benefit from in a number of different ways. We e.g. offer solutions for industries and waste owners including

  • Effluent purification
  • Waste minimization
    • (e.g. precipitator ash leachate)
  • Process water cleaning for recirculation
    • kidney functionality
  • Energy recovery
    • via water recirculation OR floc burning
  • Material recovery
    • via floc reprocessing

Or expressed differently: We provide solutions for the circular economy of today and tomorrow. This is and has been our commitment since the company was founded in 2014.

Now and ahead

Axolot Solutions is a rapidly growing solutions provider in the area of industrial waters. By industrial waters we mean process and waste waters from industrial operations for internal use or for letting out to a recipient. Our technology is also suitable for leachates from dumps, storm-waters from harbors and storage areas and cleaning waters from professional car/bus/train washes.


Our offerings are cost-effective – and in many cases the only available option when a contaminated water needs to be cleaned.


Our first commercial units have been delivered, and in addition a number of commercial test runs have been and are being performed. But our journey has only just begun.


Our solutions are urgently needed in the industry and we are committed to satisfying the need for better waste water management. And we do that for the sake of a brighter and better future for both the industries, the environment and of course also for the success of our own company.

Our competence

To know your own technology is the basis for any successful business. Our team consists of committed professionals bringing with them personal experiences from several industrial sectors. It lies in our genes to work proactively with health, safety, environmental care and of course product and service.


In addition to an experienced operational team, we also have a board with solid industrial and environmental experience. They also provide the company with an extensive network of personal relations among industry leaders both within and far outside the Nordic region. And for further expert advice, we also have access to a highly skilled advisory board selected for its deep water management expertise and active engagement in water related causes.

Vision and mission

We have a mission of a world where the fresh water is used by man for hygiene and agriculture  – and in the industry primarily as a recirculated process medium. We call this Circular Water. Our mission is to provide the industry with the necessary tools on the road to fresh-water independence. We believe that this road goes through stages like

  • Efficient effluent treatment
  • Decentralised waste-water treatment – dealing with the pollution at the spot of its origin
  • Recirculating cleaned waters
  • Closing the water loop

We believe in the power of water and we believe in a sustainable industry – Do you believe in us?

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