About Axolot

Our process is as simple as it is brilliant

We use clean electricity to separate pollutants from water!

Our history

Together with factors such as poverty, gender inequality, and climate change, water scarcity is perhaps the least known of the challenges that humanity faces in the coming decades.

The bad news includes both water pollution and increased global and local water needs. The good news is that solutions exist to purify and recycle wastewater so that little or no fresh water is needed. Axolot Solutions is a provider of such technology. The electrochemical technology we work with is both versatile and efficient, and you can benefit from it in a variety of ways.

We offer solutions for industries and waste owners:

• Wastewater treatment
• Waste minimization – e.g. leachate from fly ash
• Process water treatment for recycling
• Energy recovery – through water recycling or flock incineration
• Material recovery – through flock processing

In summary, we provide solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s circular economy. This has been our commitment since the company was founded in 2014.

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Now and ahead

Axolot Solutions is a rapidly growing provider of solutions in the field of industrial water. By industrial water, we mean process and wastewater from industrial operations for internal use or for discharge to a recipient.

Our technology is also suitable for leachate from landfills, stormwater from ports, infrastructure projects, storage facilities, and wastewater from professional car/bus/train washes.

Our offerings are cost-effective – and in many cases the only available option when contaminated water needs to be purified.

We have several commercial units in operation and more under delivery. Interest in our solutions is now rapidly increasing and we regularly conduct commercial tests and demos that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our technology. Exciting, isn’t it? And our journey has just begun.

Our solutions are in high demand in several industries. Our commitment to meet the need for better process and wastewater management is based on an optimistic outlook where we want to see a brighter and better future for both industries, the environment, and of course, for the success of our own company.

Our expertise

Understanding and knowing your own technology inside out is the foundation of all successful companies.

Our team consists of dedicated professionals who bring their individual experiences from various industrial sectors. It is in our genes to work proactively with health, safety, environment, and of course, with our product and service.

In addition to an experienced operational team, we also have a board with solid industrial and environmental experience. Through our board, we have access to an extensive network of personal relationships and contacts between industry leaders both inside and far beyond the Nordic region. Through our networks, we also have access to additional experts in a wide range of relevant issues regarding all water-related matters.

Vision and mission

Our vision is a world where freshwater is protected and used by humans for hygiene and agriculture, and where water used in industrial processes consists of recycled water streams.

We call this Circular Water Solutions. Our mission is to provide the industry with the necessary tools on the path to freshwater independence.

We believe that this path goes through stages such as;

• Efficient wastewater treatment
• Decentralized wastewater treatment – managing pollution where it occurs
• Use of water-efficient processes
• Recirculating purified water in closed loops