Municipal water

Municipal water mainly consists of used household water, but depending on the municipality, it may also receive contaminated process water from various types of industries. Municipal water is usually treated in large central plants where it undergoes a treatment process that typically includes mechanical, chemical, and biological treatment. Building and operating such plants is expensive and they are not always adapted to the water being handled. For smaller towns, this solution becomes expensive and that’s where AxoPur can offer a very effective solution. Various leachate from old landfills can also be included in municipal water, which may contain very hazardous pollutants.

Small treatment plants

The AxoPur technology, which requires very little manual labor and is a broad-spectrum technology, is very well suited for municipal wastewater treatment, especially when it comes to phosphorus removal, […]

Leachate water from landfills

At a landfill, waste of various types is stored. When it rains on the landfill, different substances leach out over time, and leachate from the landfill represents an environmental hazard. Small […]