Contaminated water

Contaminated water can occur in a variety of contexts where the source of contamination is less well-defined than it is, for example. in a process industry. Examples of sources of such contaminated water can be vehicle wash, stormwater from parking areas, construction sites, roads or leachate from a landfill where it is often difficult to know exactly what contaminants are hidden.


Stormwater is the runoff water that occurs when rain falls on a hard surface such as a trafficked area or where various types of goods are handled.

Vacuum truck sludge water

Vacuum truck sludge water is water that has been sucked up using a vacuum truck, but where there is often limited knowledge about the composition of the water. Often it can


At a landfill, waste of various types is stored. When it rains on the landfill, different substances leach out over time, and leachate from the landfill represents an environmental hazard. Small […]

Vehicle wash

Vehicle wash involves professional washing of primarily larger vehicles such as mining trucks, tanks, trains, trucks, and buses. Typical contaminants in wash water from these vehicles […]