Food industry

The food industry produces all the products that we encounter daily when we go grocery shopping. The raw materials primarily come from agriculture in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, either from vegetable or animal sources. In the processes where various types of fish, meat, and dairy products are processed, large amounts of water are used which need to be purified for reuse or before it can be released into the environment.


In a dairy, milk is processed into butter, cheese, and other products, but there is also a lot of water from washing different parts of the process. such like […]


In a slaughterhouse, transport vehicles and temporary animal housing are washed, water is also used in connection with the actual slaughter, during scalding and rinsing. Typically one wants to purify

Fish farming/slaughter

A large part of fish farming that has been carried out so far takes place at sea in large cages. This practice is increasingly being questioned for a number of reasons including […]