Chemical industry

The chemical industry is a huge global industry that produces all the raw materials and materials that are essential for the production of the products we take for granted in our daily lives, ranging from packaging, paint, pharmaceuticals, mobile phones, and electronics to cars, airplanes, and virtually everything manufactured in our modern world. The processes and raw materials used in the chemical industry span a wide range, but they often have in common the use of organic molecules and various forms of inorganic substances and metals.

Large amounts of water are used as process media, and a variety of waste streams containing pollutants must be managed. These may include organic compounds, transition metals, mixtures of oil and water that need to be separated, various suspended and oxygen-consuming substances. Each process has its own characteristics and challenges, but a common denominator is that most are well-suited for purification using AxoPur, which in many cases also enables recirculation and reuse of process water, as well as significant energy savings.

Typical reductions of different categories of substances are presented below:

• Suspended solids: 90+%
• Oxygen-consuming substances (BOD/COD/TOC): 30%
• Oil index: 90+ %.
• PAH: 90+ %

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