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Axolot Solutions tecknar avtal med Jernhusen

Axolot har sålt en nyckelfärdig AxoPur® anläggning för rening av tvättvatten vid Jernhusens anläggning för tvätt och sanering av tåg vid underhållsdepån i Malmö. Anläggningen förväntas tas i drift om ungefär 4-5 månader och den kommer att ha en kapacitet...
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Axolot Solutions Holding AB (publ) – Delårsrapport Januari-Juni 2023

Fortsatt många kundaktiviteter och mot slutet av kvartalet såldes en AxoPur® anläggning till en kund inom Axolots nya fokusområde plaståtervinningSammandrag av andra kvartalet 2023 Finansiellt Nettoomsättningen uppgick till 1 182 tkr (350 tkr för andra kvartalet 2022), vilket avser del av försäljning av ett...
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Axolot Solutions tecknar avtal med Omni Polymers

Axolot har sålt en nyckelfärdig AxoPur® anläggning för rening och recirkulation av processvatten vid Omni Polymers upparbetningsanläggning för återvunnen plast i Ängelholm.Anläggningen förväntas tas i drift om ungefär fyra månader och den kommer initialt att ha en kapacitet på 6...
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Axolot Solutions deliver solutions!

“We provide a solution for purification and circulation of water that is more cost-effective than any other solution on the market, and customers are discovering this,” says Lennart Holm in his interview as CEO in Dagens PS.

Axolot Solutions illustrates AxoPur® unit in operation

Today, Axolot can offer highly efficient purification of a wide range of process water, which in turn enables recirculation and reduction of water consumption. Axolot can provide facilities with a capacity ranging from 1 up to more than 500 m3 per hour.

The water issue is a serious one!

Would you have reacted if 16 hectares of land around a business were completely dead? If the same thing happens beneath the surface, it’s something few of us see – but nevertheless, it’s true. Here’s an important film to watch to understand the scope of the challenges that our society faces. One thing is certain: Water is threatened and we must take the water issue seriously now – politics, industry, and we as citizens.


Did you know this about water?

Water is crucial for life. In the scientific search for life in the solar system, water is what they are looking for. Life simply cannot exist without water.


When purifying wastewater, it is important to know what pollutants are present in the water and which of them are critical to remove.

Photographer: Dick Gillberg

This is how our technology works

The core of our offerings is AxoPur – a continuous process based on the principles of electrocoagulation, whereby dirty water becomes clean.

Unique industry solutions.

Axolot Solutions is a solution-oriented company that tailors purification solutions for industrial water with the self-developed AxoPur technology at its core.

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