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Do you want to reduce your fresh water consumption? Maybe by means of recirculation?

Is your water purification need in the range 1–50 m³/h?

Does your wastewater cleaning challenge involve suspended solids, metal ions, emulsified oil or phosphoros?

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Martin Ragnar, new CEO from July 1 2020, talks about the future of Axolot Solutions

See the film with Axolot Solutions new CEO Martin Ragnar where he talks about the future of Axolot Solutions. The film is in Swedish.


Metals and oil
Contaminants in salt water
Hazardous wastewaters
Emerging pollutants

Our technology is highly versatile; it can be used to remove a broad range of contaminants and it is suitable for many applications. For some applications few other options at all prevail, e.g. for the removal of emulsified oil or for the cleaning of salt water. We are anxious to help you out with your challenge. We believe in Circular Water!

What do you know about water?
We believe in Circular Water. By removing the contaminants as solids the water is clean enough to be recirculated. Decentralised cleaning closes water loops in many places inside a factory. Less or no fresh water is required. This is the power of Circular Water.


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We design the future for the recirculation of industrial waters. The basis are electrochemical processes for the separation of water and dissolved or dispersed material within a short time-frame.

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