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Our process is as simple as it is brilliant:
We use electricity to separate contaminants from water!

Latest news

CEO comments the 2019 Q3 report

See the interview with Axolot Solutions CEO Marie Landfors where she comments the 2019 Q3 report. The interview is in Swedish.

Focus industries

Pulp & Paper
Mining & Minerals
Refining & Chemicals
Heavily contaminated waters

Our technology is highly versatile; it can be used to remove a broad range of contaminants and it is suitable for many applications. As a small company, we are unable to service all sectors simultaneously. We have therefore chosen initially to focus our commercial activities towards the above listed industries. We do however also work with other companies where our technology can create value. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

What do you know about water?
Many companies have developed ideas on how to remove impurities from water. We are not just another one in that line. Our approach is a different one. We separate contaminants from water. The water can then be recycled.


This is our story…

A new career?

We design the future for the recirculation of industrial waters. The basis are electrochemical processes for the separation of water and dissolved or dispersed material within a short time-frame.

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