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We design the future for the recirculation of industrial waters. The basis are electrochemical processes for the separation of water and dissolved or dispersed material within a short time-frame where the water keeps its heat. We have a holistic view on the role of water in society and big ambitions to create a leading and international technology providing company. Being a small company means that we have an entrepreneurial mind-set. It also means we have a strong company culture of working together, helping each-other and doing the tasks that need to be done.

Open positions

We are a growing company aiming to recruit a handful of co-workers for different positions within the coming 12-month period.


For the time being we do not have any open positions.

Project openings

In our Landvetter operations outside Göteborg we have our laboratory and our workshop. We continuously conduct trials and development of methods and procedures there to enhance our understanding about the performance of our processes. For this reason we welcome diploma workers at M.Sc. or B.Sc. levels at certain times.


For the time being we do not have any open project positions.


For career-related matters, please contact us via:

Exjobb kring små organiska molekylers koagulationsförmåga

Axolot Solutions AB erbjuder ett examensarbete under vårterminen 2019 som syftar till en ökad förståelse kring små organiska molekylers reaktioner i en laboratorieuppställning för elektrokoagulation. Examensarbetet görs på civilingenjörs-/masternivå och har sitt huvudfokus på experimentella undersökningar i vårt laboratorium i Landvetter.


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