Clean water – Axolot Solutions engaging in political events in Finland

As communicated earlier, Axolot in Finland is engaging in some political events focusing on the water issue and its concerns. Access to sufficient clean water has a clear political dimension, yet it is not much of the public debate that really relates to water. Thereby, there is also a lack of sufficient efforts to define challenges and measures within this area.

Sirkku Rönkä, Managing Director of Axolot Solutions Finland Oy, tells us about a meeting that was held recently:

The meeting was hosted by Axolot Solutions and Origin by Ocean, which is a company creating a biorefinery where marine biomass will be used as raw material. Axolot Solutions and its technology was introduced to Kai Mykkänen, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of the National Coalition party, at the Parliament of Finland. We discussed environmental challenges, especially concerning the Baltic Sea and phosphorus being the main reason for the excess algae growth. We also talked about challenges of water use in forest as well as process industries and farming. The AxoPur® process demo was shown to the visitors. They were impressed to see the clear water resulting from our process of purifying latex coating washing waters.”

In the picture (from the left):

Mari Granström, Origin by Ocean

Kai Mykkänen, Finnish Parliament

Mikael Åbacka, senior advisor and co-founder, Axolot Solutions

Mikael Westerlund, Origin by Ocean

Mathias Bergman, member of Advisory Board, Axolot Solutions

Sirkku Rönkä, Managing Director, Axolot Solutions Finland Oy