Delivery of first commercial unit


The first commercial unit using Axolot’s proprietary technology for water purification was delivered to Paperex Colombier in Pyhtää, Finland, in April 2018. It will be used for purification of wash water from Paperex Colombier’s carton dispersion coating line.


“The delivery of the unit to Paperex Colombier is a clear sign of the commercial potential of Axolot’s technology.”

Mårten Olausson, CEO


”Colombier Barrier Coating is non-plastic alternative for food packaging – to avoid plastic and microplastic waste to nature. We are environmentally driven company and committed to take good care of our nature. This is the reason we have chosen Axolot Solution’s water purification into our water based barrier coating process. This is part of our contribution to cleaner tomorrow.”

Paperex Colombier Oy, Carl-Erik Guttormsen


If you want to know more, contact our CEO, Mårten Olausson at for more information.